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With a normal Jquery lightbox I understand where the index is, I can visualise it but with a gallery like this one, I tried everything. I'm only trying to add a forward button on the lightbox but since the pictures are loaded with PHP dynamically, I can't seem to localise the index. Here's the HTML part, you'll understand more what I mean:

<div id="content">
<div class="scrollingHotSpotLeft"></div>
<div class="scrollingHotSpotRight"></div>
 <div class="scrollWrapper">


$directory = 'images/drawings';


$file_parts = array();




foreach (glob($directory.'/*.{jpg,jpeg,png,gif}', GLOB_BRACE) as $file)

    if($file=='.' || $file == '..') continue;

    $file_parts = explode('.', $file);

    $ext = strtolower(array_pop($file_parts));

    $title = basename($file);

    $title = htmlspecialchars($title);


        echo '

<div class="scrollableArea">

        <a href="'.$file.'" rel="lrg" class="gall-photo">
        <img src="'.$file.'" title="'.$title.'" height="270"        alt="gallery_image"/></a>';







and here's the lightbox code:

$(function (){



var posTop = $(window).scrollTop()+225;

var lrg_img = $(this).attr('href');

$('body').append('<div id="fjp_overlay"></div>')
.append('<div id="fjp_lightbox" class="lightb" ><img src="'+ lrg_img +'" width="330"       
 height="492"/> <br />  <a href="#" id="fjp_close">X</a><a href="#" 
 id="next_pic">></a>     </div>');

$('#fjp_lightbox').css('top',posTop + 'px');

$('#fjp_overlay').fadeTo(500, 0.75,function(){





$('#fjp_lightbox').fadeTo(100,0, function(){


$('#fjp_overlay').fadeTo(250,0, function(){







I ve been workin on this for a couple of days without asking for help.I just want someone to tell me where is the index for the pictures. Don't I have to put
the pictures in an array in PHP? I'm lost and on the verge off.. (some drama here..ha ha)

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alright, I wasn't precise enough because I didn't study the problem enough. Now I know that I didn't get it at all. but no worries, It's just the 3rd time that I don't get answers on this site, I'm getting used to fix stuff by myself.We learn better this way anyways. –  user866503 Aug 21 '11 at 21:06
and if you're a noob like myself and ever want to practice your jQuery , check out this awesome lightbox tutorial : dryan.com/articles/jquery-lightbox-tutorial –  user866503 Aug 21 '11 at 21:17
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