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Odd and annoying issue. I have Apache up and running on My mac and I'm utilizing the virtual hosts capability. Though oddly enough, whenever I type in the local site, in this case: local.511, it just goes to search. If I do http://local.511, it seemed to have work. Though only after doing it at least 15 times. Also, even after getting that to work, I still can't navigate to other pages by simply typing them in. IE: local.511/lalaal/page1.

It works fine in Safari and Firefox.

Any ideas for Chrome?

OSX 10.6 Chrome 10.0.648.151

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If it's a custom TLD then chrome will assume you want to do a search. You either have to use http://local.511 or change the 511 to something like .com, .net, .org etc and set up that domain in your hosts file.


Actually it seems you can just add a slash to the end of the url:


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