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I installed postgesql from mac ports with the intention of running it on a django framework. Here are the commands that I used:

sudo port install postgresql84-server
sudo port install py26-psycopg2

After the installation I would like to now try to test a database by 1. forming it and 2. accessing it. The first problem I have is when I try to get into psql I have to enter a password that I dont know. Do you know where I can find this password?

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PostgreSQL role's password (probably unset/empty at beginning) is completely different thing than Mac OS user's password. It should be possible to authenticate with ident method as postgres Mac user using psql command (psql -U postgres postgres is implicit). After that you can set postgres role's password.

$ whoami
$ psql
psql (8.4.8)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# SHOW password_encryption; -- making sure that password will be MD5 encrypted
(1 row)
postgres=# ALTER ROLE postgres PASSWORD 'yourSecretPassword';
postgres=# SELECT rolpassword FROM pg_authid WHERE rolname LIKE 'postgres';
(1 row)

If this is not possible, then add following line as first rule in your pg_hba.conf (don't forget to reload/restart your server/cluster):

local   all         postgres                          ident
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By default, postgres is configured with ident sameuser authentication; That means you must actually be the postgres user to connect to the database or create new roles. become that user with su - postgres.

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I tried this and it asks me for another password. I'm just confused as to what password its asking me for –  locoboy Aug 20 '11 at 18:26
su requires the system's root password, which you will have set when you initially installed or configured your system. Once you have become the postgres user, you can log into the database without a password. Alternatively, you can edit /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf to use a different authentication scheme –  IfLoop Aug 22 '11 at 4:37

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