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over the past 3 weeks - I have Built an xml file processing console application and it is working as planned.[Thanks to every on stack overflow for their inputs.] The console application takes several XML files as input, checks for presence of certain data and produces a report on the console - with details of missing, mismatch information,in some cases gives out details of the hierarchical relationships in the data.

Next step I want to do with the application is, publish the result to a webservice - so that i can write a small web app to consume it.[not sure if that is possible]

right now the output is being written out to logfiles, excel file.

Request suggestions/ pointer to get me started in this direction.

[no specific reason to think about publishing to a webservice, all i want to do is pass the results out of the console and on to a browser - access anywhere and with rich UI]

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Instead of thinking about this as "publishing to a web service" you might think of it as a web service that returns that latest publications of your console app (perhaps from the log files and excel file) in some xml format (or other format) –  Jamie Dixon Aug 20 '11 at 18:22
Read up on WCF Web Services and ask more detailed questions when you have problems. I learned a whole lot building this console application for hosting WCF services codeproject.com/KB/WCF/generic_wcf_host.aspx –  kenny Aug 20 '11 at 20:20

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You don't need to create a web service to do that (although you could). Just put your code in a library whose output can be shown in the console application or on the web.

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