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I'm trying to draw a square image into a trapezoid using the Java Advanced Imaging API; However after creating a PerspectiveTransform I am unsure how I would go about applying it to a graphics object or image.

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Cross posted:… – camickr Aug 20 '11 at 20:03

When you apply a JAI operation, get RenderedOp, wichever operation (PerspectiveTransform, Scale...) as result. This represents the operation in a chain if you apply several operations to the same image, so the next operation is aplied over the RenderedOp and so on. Finally, you need to draw it, so:

1) Convert it to RenderedImage in order to apply all calculations to the final image. Use something like:

new BufferedImage(renderedOp.getColorModel(), renderedOp.copyData(), false, null);

2) Draw the image onto a Graphics using something like:

Graphics2D graphics2D = (Graphics2D)graphics; // Convert the graphics received to Graphics2D to get more operations.
graphics2D.drawRenderedImage(renderedImage, new AffineTransform());
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