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first..sorry for my poor english and my big noob question..the problem is...

I need create a little shoes app than show the excel files inside a folder (this is only a part)...I define a method like this:

def show_proov
  files = Dir.new(personal_folder).entries
  xlsxfiles = files.find_all {|file| file.include?('.xlsx') }.map do |file| file.scan(/^\w+/) end

if I show in a alert it..it works and shows the files...so far so good: now..the problem is than I wish iterate over this names and create a menu..when I try it I get a error related about "bad encode" (sorry but I've tried recreate this code but I never get this message again)

well..no problem...maybe a list_box could do the work:

inside my shoes app I define list_box :items => show_proov doing that..nothing is render inside the windows...don't show anything

the same happen if I use

#@items.class = array
list_box :items => @items

it hasn't much sense but I must has the try...

thanks for read and for help!! :D

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Could you show us @items.inspect? I think it will not be what you want; it will be an array of arrays of strings. What's the purpose of calling scan? I think it will just chop off parts of your filenames if they have spaces in them. –  David Grayson Aug 20 '11 at 18:55
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I think your problem might be that your show_proov function is returning an array of arrays.

[["file1"], ["file2"], ["file3"]]

This is because String.scan returns an array. Try adding .first, like so:

  xlsxfiles = files.find_all {|file| file.include?('.xlsx') }.map do |file| file.scan(/^\w+/).first end

Then the result will be:

["file1", "file2", "file3"]
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if you get somethinbg from excel the encoding is different, so use


on the string you get from ecel before manipulating it. Cheers

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