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I am writing a Java servlet that uses the http://json.org/java/ libraries to read some data from a mssql database and convert the result set to a JSON string. This JSON string is being consumed by a .NET client app. The .net App calls the JavaServlet using HttpWebRequest object. This way I have a json string now in my .net app.

What I would like to do is convert this JSON string to a dataset so that I can display it it in a datagrid. All the examples that I have found online talk about converting a 'dataset to json'.. any tips?

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What does your json look like? –  Kev Aug 20 '11 at 19:33

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The Json.NET library makes working with JavaScript and JSON formatted data in .NET simple. Quickly read and write JSON using the JsonReader and JsonWriter or serialize your .NET objects with a single method call using the JsonSerializer.

Json.NET CodePlex Project

See this article

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+1 Thanks @shaahin cute and cool –  Javad_Amiry Oct 26 '11 at 11:33

I prefer kiwi.json your can find a sample on datatable conversion right here: http://dancewithcode.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/case-study-custom-json-converter-for-datatable/

It will fit perfectly as a datasource.

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You could also use RestSharp to interact with your service. I believe it has a converter to go to/from a dataset and JSON: http://restsharp.org/

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