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Here is the html

<div id = "wrapper" class = "selfclear">
    <div id = "contentDiv" class = "selfclear"> 
    </div> <!-- End contentDiv --> 

<div id = "footerDiv" class = "selfclear"> 
</div> <!-- End footerDiv -->

Here is the css:

    margin: 0; 
    padding: 0; 
    border: 0;

    content:                ".";  
    float:                  left;
    display:                block;
    height:                 0;  
    clear:                  both;   
    visibility:             hidden;

html, body
    height:                 100%; 

    width:                  100%;
    min-height:             100%; 
    background:             url( "../images/landing_page_bg.png" );

    padding-bottom:         340px;
    overflow:               auto;
    border:                 1px solid green;
    width:                  1000px;
    margin-left:            auto;
    margin-right:           auto; 
    height:                 500px; 

    position:               relative;
    width:                  99.9%;
    clear:                  both;     
    height:                 340px;
    margin-top:             -340px;
    border:                 1px solid green;
    background:             url( "../images/landing_page_footer.png" )no-repeat;
    background-size:        100%; 

basically when zooming in/out in the browser the sticky footer overlaps the top content, why, and how do stop it from doing that, thanks.

Here is the code in a working environment.


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You can't say your footer is "sticky" in that case. I sugger you reading this tutorial instead: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/footers/

I'm using this method and it works perfectly.

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By looking at your code, it reminded me a tutorial... after a 2min search, here it is:


By the structure of your HTML, it is just like you want :)

Hope it helps!

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actually thats the tutorial i based my sticky footer on and im still facing the issue i mentioned... –  dave Aug 20 '11 at 21:29

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