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I am developing a mobile app in Flash Builder 4.5 based on an Actionscrip Mobile Project - i.e. no flex just pure actionscript.

Is there a listView component that I can use from a pure actionscript project (i.e. a list of items where each item has a picture and some text and you can flick the list up and down with your finger and select an item to proceed to the next screen) ?

After much searching I just don't seem to be able to find one but because it seems like this sort of thing must be available in a platform for developing mobile apps I can only assume I have missed something obvious. I think there is something like this in a Flex library (?) but I am not sure how to access it or if I even can/should from a pure actionscript project.

(After much searching I sat down and wrote one myself and it seems to work fine and replicates the 'real' thing quite nicely for my purposes. However I am assuming that someone else will have done it better and so would like to find the real thing if I can).

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There are a few AS3 libraries available that you may want to check out:

MadComponents: &

I'm testing the MadComponents library right now and it looks promising. Super easy to get up and running. Lacking on the documentation, but I suspect that will change soon as I've been talking with the creator.

AS3Flobile: &

Looks really nice and I've made a quick test with it. It has another dependency in the AS3 Signals library. Its a bit more involved to get the basic shell of the program up and running and has limited skinning ability from what I gather.


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There are no built-in controls if you are building an actionscript mobile project. You have a large assortment of controls if you build a Flex-based AIR application however.

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So is it possible to access the Flex based AIR controls from actionscript only? – leafcutter Aug 20 '11 at 21:15
Yes, but not without incurring the bloatedness of the Flex framework. So you'd lose the benefit of pure actionscript. MadComponents are good. – user433579 Aug 30 '11 at 10:22

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