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Is there a way to search a project for all uses of some text, without highlighting that text first. I.e. bring up a search interface, and then type in the text I want to find? I'm not seeing how to do this in the Intellij docs.

Note, when I select some text in a file and I do a Search->Find Usages, it responds by giving a little popup "Cannot find usages. Position to an element which usages you wish to find and try again". I get this whether I search on a variable name in a groovy file, or some text in a comment. So for some strange reason, this isn't working at all.

I'm using Intellij Ultimate 10.5 (version 10.5.1)

Thanks for any help or workarounds.

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Is Search->Find in Path what you're looking for? (Ctrl-Shift-F on Windows) You can find text in the whole project, a certain directory, or a custom scope.

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Thanks much Paul, you're a Blessing :-) –  Ray Aug 20 '11 at 22:42

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