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I'm trying to update a UISlider with the current time from a AVPlayer. Im using a NSTimer to call a method with this code every 1 second:

CMTime duration = audioPlayer.currentTime; float seconds = CMTimeGetSeconds(duration); NSLog(@"duration: %.2f", seconds); nowPlayingSlider.value = seconds;

The Times being logged right but the uislider never updates.

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Make sure you set the maximumValue property of the UISlider to the duration of the media. It defaults to 1.0.

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For a UISlider, I always use:

[theSlider setValue:value animated:YES];

and, it works fine for me. Why do you want a Slider to update the time though? A UIProgressView could probably do want you want. Hope that helps!

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This answer doesn't directly answer my question but its a great tip. I've voted up your answer. Im using a UISlider so the user can drag it to change the position in the song. – Sam Baumgarten Aug 21 '11 at 17:13
Ok, make sense. Glad I could be some help. – msgambel Aug 21 '11 at 19:33

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