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I know there is masked textbox component for C#, but what I need is to create masked text box which requires entered text in format: LLL/LLL but when I enter such mask into Mask property in preview and mask I see separator "." but not "/" as I want to have. Any help? Thanks

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The / character is the date separator character in the mask. What you'll actually get depends on your culture preferences. To get a literal / you'll have to escape it with a \. Like this:

        this.maskedTextBox1.Mask = @"LLL\/LLL";

Don't use the @ when you use the Properties window.

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Thank you, that solved the problem. :-) –  uniquepito Aug 21 '11 at 16:51

Thanks for this clue there is one more problem in maskedtextbox that is when the system short date changes the mask also changes for example..


System date : d/M/yy  
Mask Format : __/__/__


System date : d-M-yy  
Mask Format : __-__-__ 

Using escape char hepled me.

Just add escape char in mask. For example:

textbox1.Mask = 00/\00/\00
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