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i have configured a ccnet which actually sniffs for the modifications in my source files present in my local system.My ccnet.config file will poll every 4 minutes to check for any modification in the source files.So the problem is like if i modify the same file twice,when the ccnet polls what i see in the command window is jst 1 modification is detected instead of 2 modification which i had done.Can u plz suggest any method by which i can get the exact number of times my source files gets modified. to make it more clear:-------- suppose my source folders contain files named a.c,b.c and d.c If i make modification in a.c and b.c,when my ccnet polls at the exact interval it shows 2 modifications detected and starts the build process.Now if i make modification only in a.c for 2 times and when the ccnet polls it shows only 1 modification detected instead of 2 modifications detected.So can u plz explain this discrepency??

Thanks Maddy

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CruiseControl.Net checks modifications since the last build in order to know whether it should trigger a new build or not. It doesn't need to know how many times a file is modified, only which files have been modified since the last time it checked.

The number of modifications refers to the files that were modified, not the number or times that the file was modified.

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