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My application currently reads data by copying filesystem tree from remote machine via shared disk, so it works as filesystem deep copy from application's point of view.

This solution is somewhat limiting and I want to support also second option - copy subtree via http.

The library should do something like wget --recursive which parses the directory listing and use it for traversing down the tree.

I could not find any java library doing this.

I am able to implement such functionality myself (with NekoHTML or something similar), but I don't like reinventing the wheel.

Is there such a library that I can easily use within my application ?


  • published in Maven Central Repository as I am using Maven for builds
  • with as few dependencies on other libraries as possible
  • no need for robots exclusion support - will operate on limited set of interim servers only


Note: please post pointers to homepages of libraries which you personally used.

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Did you ever find a solution? –  Josh Foskett Mar 17 at 4:52
unfortunately no :( –  Petr Kozelka Mar 18 at 9:35

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