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OI want to retrieve and scrape large amounts of data about users from a third party website. Once the person logs in, I get their data from the third party website and scrape it. How do I do this most effectively as to prevent a significant load on the server and to make sure pages don't load too slow? I was thinking of setting up a background process that retrieves the data and setting the process to low priority. Do you guys have other tips for me?

I'm using PHP and Mysql.

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Data Scraping - Wikipedia

Is this the Data Scraping you are talking about? If yes, we will probably need more details to be able to help.

  • How do you know, a user logged in?
  • What kind of access do you have to the 3rd party system?
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Basically I want to get a lot of data from Twitter about the user. I was just wondering what the effective way of doing that was without slowing the pages down and producing effective load. I was thinking of having the user log in, and afterwards having a background process with low priority getting the data needed about the user since its a lot of data. – Brown Limie Aug 21 '11 at 9:08

In order to accurately answer, more information is needed. To point you in the correct direction, you should use cURL to load the webpage into a string. Then use PHPs DOM parser to parse the page. If you are looking for specific elements in the page, DOM XPATH queries will be useful ( Alternatively, you can load the page directly using DOM->LoadHTML() but there are far less options.

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