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I have a PHP file containing a form with a few text fields (Title, description etc.)

One of the fields is Image, where I want the user to either type the address to an image ( or upload one. If the user uploads an image, I store it on my server and want to populate the text field in the form with the address to the file on my server (

I have tried to solve it by adding an upload button next to the Image text field, which opens a jQuery UI dialog that contains a form with a File field and a Submit button.

It works fine, uploads the image and adds a record in a database table, but I don't know how to populate the Image text field in the first form with the address of the uploaded file.

Can I do it with PHP, should I use jQuery or should I do it in a totally different way ?

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Html input type image do not have a text or value property to set. It has a src property which is the image url which it renders. In your case instead of using image input element you can show a span with the updloaded image url as inner text or html once the upload is complete.

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Check out move_uploaded_file, put the file wherever and just put the value where you need it. You can use jQuery to change the value of the text field like $('#myfield').val('new_value');.

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