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I am following the example at facebook Connect-auth exemple. I don't understand how to get this example working.

In this snippet of code taken from the previous link:

// Method to handle a sign-in with a specified method type, and a url to go back to ...
app.get('/signin', function(req,res) {
  req.authenticate([req.param('method')], function(error, authenticated) { 
    if(authenticated ) {
      res.end("<html><h1>Hello Facebook user:" + JSON.stringify( req.getAuthDetails() ) + ".</h1></html>");
    else {
      res.end("<html><h1>Facebook authentication failed: " + error + " </h1></html>");

I do not understand what this does [req.param('method')] mean? It it hard to understand how connect-auth and facebook work together. I keep getting authentication failed.

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The first argument to authenticate is an array of authentication strategies to try, in this example the req.param['method'] is set in the URL (var sign_in_link further down in the code) to "facebook" which matches the one and only authentication strategy initialized in the use.

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I could not make it work either, always get Facebook authentication failed. –  toy Dec 23 '11 at 12:16

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