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I want an ivar that is an ordered list of dictionaries. If I create an @property for this NSArray, set to retain and then fill it with NSDictionary objects, can I "safely" assume these dictionaries are also retained as part of the ivar, or do I need to separately retain these objects?

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Yes, the collection classes will automatically retain the things you put in them. So if you put things in a dictionary and maintain a reference to the dictionary, you can safely use its contents; and if you store this dictionary in a property you can still safely use it. See this page for more information:

  • They maintain strong references to their contents.
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NSArray retains objects when they're added, and releases them when they're removed or the array is deallocated. Keep this in mind, it's this concept of "ownership" that retain/release memory management is built upon.

With an NSArray of object references, do I explicitly release all objects in the array or just the array itself?

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