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Here is my code:

point * findLongPaths(point * points, double threshold_distance) {
    unsigned int i = 0;
    int locationToStore = 0;
    int pointsAboveThreshold = countPointsAboveThreshold(points, threshold_distance);
    //int totalPoint = totalPoints(points);

    point * pointsByThreshold = new point[pointsAboveThreshold];
    pointValues * pointsToCalculate = new pointValues[pointsAboveThreshold];
    //pointValues pointsToCalculate[pointsAboveThreshold];
    //point orderedPoints[pointsAboveThreshold];

    while (points[i].end != true && i < pointsAboveThreshold) {
        point pointOne = points[i];
        point pointTwo = points[i + 1];

        //Check to see if the distance is greater than the threshold, if it is store in an array of pointValues
        double distance = distanceBetweenTwoPoints(pointOne, pointTwo);
        if (distance > threshold_distance) {
            pointsToCalculate[i].originalLocation = i;
            pointsToCalculate[i].distance = distance;
            pointsToCalculate[i].final = pointTwo;
            pointsToCalculate[i].stored = false;

            //If the final point has been calculated, break the loop
            if (pointTwo.end == true) {
                pointsToCalculate[i].end = true;
            } else {
                pointsToCalculate[i].end = false;

    if (points[0].end == true && pointsAboveThreshold == 0) {
        point emptyPoint;
        emptyPoint.x = 0.0;
        emptyPoint.y = 0.0;
        emptyPoint.end = true;

        pointsByThreshold[0] = emptyPoint;
        return pointsByThreshold;

    //Find the point with the lowest distance
    i = 1;
    //double lowest = 0.0;

    pointValues pointWithLowest;
    pointWithLowest = pointsToCalculate[0];
    while (pointsToCalculate[i].end != true) {
        for (int j = 0; pointsToCalculate[j].end != true; j++) {
            if (pointsToCalculate[j].stored == true) {
            } else {
                if (pointsToCalculate[j].distance < pointWithLowest.distance) {
                    pointWithLowest = pointsToCalculate[j];
                } else if (pointsToCalculate[j].distance == pointWithLowest.distance) {
                    if (pointWithLowest.originalLocation > pointsToCalculate[j].originalLocation) {
                        pointWithLowest = pointsToCalculate[j];
                } else {
                    pointWithLowest.stored = true;
                    pointsByThreshold[locationToStore] =;
    delete[] pointsToCalculate;
    return pointsByThreshold;

For some weird reason when I go to store i in the line pointsToCalculate[i].originalLocation = i;, it's always storing as 0. I have ran breakpoints over it and it shows that the value of i was incremented in the while loop but it's still storing originalLocation to 0. When I check the values in runtime, it shows that the i in pointsToCalculate[i] is1or2, depends on how many times I have ran through the loop and it also shows that= i;is also1or2` depending on the loop.

Anyone know why this is? It's for an assignment that's due in a few hours and I've been working on it for a very long time. Still, just can't figure it out.

Thanks, Brandon

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please don't post code with commented out sections – Mitch Wheat Aug 21 '11 at 2:35
is pointTwo.end ever equal to false? – user195488 Aug 21 '11 at 2:36
Sorry, Mitch I deleted the majority of it. Yeah, it's for an assignment and we can be guaranteed that pointTwo.end will always equal false unless it's the final point in the array. By checking it against the code the lecturer will be testing it against, how can I set a default value for points? Maybe that will fix the problem. He uses this line to test it point p[3] = {{0,0}, {0,3}, {0,1, true}}; point longest[2] = {{0,1}, {0,3,true}}; BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(calculateLineLength(p), 5); – Brandon Aug 21 '11 at 2:40
Brandon, the issue with the code snippet you have given in your comment is that it won't work. Assuming that your point struct has three attributes {num, num, boolean}, your values {{0,0}, {0,3}.... {0,1} wont fly because you would need {{0,0,false}, {0,3,false} etc to make the declaration valid. – BlackJack Aug 21 '11 at 2:44
@Brandon: In your example, I see some true's. Are you sure it is being set to false? – user195488 Aug 21 '11 at 2:44

if distance <= threshold_distance,the i won't increment, and while loop will loop forerver

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