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I'm now implementing the epub reader in iOS platform. I have paginated the html files using css3 multi column. It works fine on pure text html files but when loading images, the images will be separated into several pages.

Here is my multi column style:

body {-webkit-column-width:320px;-webkit-column-gap:22px;height:480px;}

I have tried to implement the following style:

img{-webkit-column-break-inside: avoid;}

But it's not work. I would like to ask how can I avoid images separated? Really thanks!!

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Can you add a jsfiddle.net demo sample? How big are your images? –  easwee Aug 23 '11 at 7:31

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max-width: 320px;
max-height: 480px;
height: auto;
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If the images are higher than 480px, it will break the images to the next column, the height of the column must be larger than the height of images

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To do this dynamically, i.e. when you read an epub not knowing it's content, wrapping each image in a div and then appending the "page-break-inside: avoid" attribute to that div works. Appending that attribute strictly to an image in android 3.1's WebView didn't work for me for some reason, this was my workaround.

Example (without jQuery) :

   var images = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
   var imgLength = images.length;
   for(var i = 0; i < imgLength; i++)
       images[i].innerHTML = '<div>'+images[i]+'</div>';
       images[i].pageBreakInside = 'avoid';

Update to an old post, but hopefully this will help those still having similar problems.

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