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I'm perplexed by the "snapping" behavior of NetBeans GUI Builder - those dotted lines (and the magnetic force they exert) as I move components about within a container. Is it determined by the Layout Manager? Or by container properties such as Insets? I wouldn't have expected the Absolute Layout to have any "preference" about alignment, yet even it seems to have some notion of a "grid" toward which it pulls my components. How or where does one change this?

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You have to use a work around to do this.

If you do...


Then you will reduce the snapping to 10 by 10 pixels.

If you want to get better than that, you have to do something like this:


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Did you happen to see the last post in that Netbeans forum thread you linked to? (netero) I may be misunderstanding the intent, but it doesn't look like he's talking about layout at all - would you agree? (Apart from that, it looks like the answer is that if you want more precision than what snapping gives, you have to specify X and Y positioning in the Layout section of Properties) – Chap Aug 21 '11 at 4:41

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