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I have been having constant struggle with Visual Studio debugger and finally got fed up and seeking help. There are some issues constantly causing trouble. If you have any solutions I will be grateful

  1. Trying to watch a function that has const and non-const versions results in ambiguous symbol error (CXX0039)
  2. Trying to get value of a function in a template class randomly gives member function is not defined error (CXX0052)
  3. Casting a template type variable results in bad type cast, even to its own type (CXX0019)

I have visual studio 2010 Professional with SP1

In #2, I am sure that inlining is off.

Thanks in advance,

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I've just experienced the same problem...

Found the answer after some searching on MSDN.

Visual Studio 2005 C++ CXX0052: member function not present!

Basically what you need to do is to store the result in a temp variable, and view this temp variable in the Watch or Locals window. Far from an ideal solution I guess, but it works ( on VS2010 SP1 ).

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I have found out that the best option is to modify autoexp.dat and show transformed variables. At start its a bit hard but when you are done its even better than getting these problems fixed.

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