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I have a web app created with iFrames (one on top for menu, one on bottom for content). The top iFrame has buttons to the secondary pages which obviously should open in the bottom iFrame.

So it's easy, right? Just name the iFrames like "navFrame" and "contentFrame" and the links on navFrame should have a target="contentFrame" and done. Well no. It works on mobile Safari but when I open the app as a standalone (which is how it will be used) the page that should open on the "contentFrame" opens on "navFrame" instead and disregards the target all together. On my desktop browsers and on mobile Safari works fine. It's only when viewed in standalone mode that there is this problem.

Any solutions?

This is not my page, but I created this quickly to show the problem. On mobile safari by clicking on Load A, B, or C there should be a NOT FOUND error (those pages don't exist) that load on the top-left iFrame. But on standalone mode it loads on a different page.

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For me it's loaded in the white bordered iframe in the center. – KARASZI István Aug 21 '11 at 7:29
That is because you probably didn't see it on standalone mode. If you go to the page on your iPhone/iPad and click on the icon to Add to Homepage, then you launch it from the icon on your desktop, then you'll see what the problem is. – JDPaulsen Aug 21 '11 at 17:08

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