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In some project, SysV IPC | Posix queues are used to exchange data between processes; with upcoming Windows port of a software, "an enormous amount of headache will be introduced without getting into using IDL and some middleware like CORBA", as someone said to me;

So, need an implementation of CORBA, that is enough standartized to be:

  • available from C++ applications on Linux and Windows
  • available from Java

Another problem is performance: it should not be ten times slow than provided by native IPC mechanism (with all the pain regarding implementing response waiting over IPC manually).

Timeout support is wanted too (max. 2 second waiting for IPC backend with exception throwing).

Currently looking to adopt ZeroMQ's IPC transport.

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You said "somelike not CORBA", not "specifically CORBA". Don't use CORBA unless you have to, it's a real pain in the ass. – skaffman Aug 21 '11 at 9:59

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You can try to use MICO for C++, it´s opensource and have a nice comunity. For Java, i think JacORB is the best choice. In my project, i work with JacORB, MICO and IIOP.NET.

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