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I was reading up on socket programming and i saw a sample code. The thing i dont understand is the meaning of the dollar sign($).

byte[] outStream = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(massConvoMsg + "$");

Does it mean that it is a string? or?

Thank you.

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Yes, that is a string. It will simply be appended to the end of massConvoMsg and the combined thing treated is single string.

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it is in quotes. So It's string
All that you use in quotes are strings. (not only in C#, in a lot of languages)

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The "all" is misleading, as both c# string literal forms (and character literals) have escape chars –  Marc Gravell Aug 21 '11 at 10:27

Someone is adding the literal dollar sign character to the end of the massConvoMsg string, and encoding the result to bytes.

It has no special meaning to c#

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+1 for the key phrase "no special meaning." –  Ray Toal Aug 21 '11 at 10:14

in a simple concept:

You are trying to join the massConvoMsg's variable into a string type by just concatenating it with a string symbol of "$".

You can put anything such as massConvoMsg + "a" or massConvoMsg + "dsadadsa" or whatever string you want.

At the end you might want to get the output by ignoring the joined string, then you need to implement some kind of substring method. Example:

substring(massConvoMsg, 0, "$"); // This will remove the $ sign. 

The question, why you choose dollar sign ($)? Because it's more readable, simple and unique. Right?

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