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I encountered a very strange problem:

if( currentWidgetType_m == WidgetTypesMap ) {
      qDebug() << "Here we are!";
      optionsMenu_mp->addAction( tr( "Change visibility" ),
         this, SLOT( VisibleItemClicked() ) );


optionsMenu_mp->addAction( tr( "Change statistics" ),
      this, SLOT( StatisticsItemClicked() ) );
optionsMenu_mp->addAction( tr( "Change view" ),
      this, SLOT( ViewItemClicked() ) );

The condition is true in this case and the debug message shows in the output, but the "Change visibility" action does not appear in the menu.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Best regards

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Strange !! Have you tried creating a QAction and adding it ? –  Neel Basu Aug 21 '11 at 12:41
addAction returns a new QAction or null? Does the action get added when you move that code outside the if? Does it get added when you remove the addSeparator() call? –  Torp Aug 21 '11 at 14:03
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The problem was caused by the QMenu not updating. I solved the problem by recreating the QAction that held the QMenu.

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