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I have a text file that contains commands in this format ex:>> call <<

I want to use a regular expression to extract "call" .. how could be done?

Regex ComandStart = new Regex(">>", RegexOptions.Multiline);
Regex ComandEnd = new Regex("<<", RegexOptions.Multiline);              
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create the regex:

var regex = new Regex(@"ex:>>([a-z]+)<<");

then extract if match :

var match = regex.Match("ex:>>call<<");
var yourString = match.Groups[1].Value; //yourString = "call" here
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Also, you can create named groups: new Regex(@"ex:>>(?<cmd>[a-z]+)<<"); Then: match.Groups["cmd"].Value; Tadaa! – LostInComputer Aug 21 '11 at 11:56

If you're on Windows, you could use Notepad++ with the Regex helper plugin for testing your regex's

This expression works fine for me:


No idea about c# specifically, sorry

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