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I have developed a django application using MySQL as database engine.

I want my application to performing any action with database on the local machine then in an interval of time (suppose every 5 minutes) the local database sync to the database on the server automatically.

How can I do this kind of thing, using MySQL script or django can do it for me using its tools?

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What do you mean by "local database"? Django doesn't run locally, it runs on the server. –  Daniel Roseman Aug 21 '11 at 13:32
@Daniel Roseman I mean the database on the local server. Sorry for unclear words. –  Protocole Aug 21 '11 at 13:40
One way or 2 way? for what purpose? –  Thomas Aug 21 '11 at 19:00
@Thomas Just one way in order to make it can continue to work in case of the connection has a problem. –  Protocole Aug 22 '11 at 5:11
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The term “MySQL Replication” is what you want~ But in factor it'll sync data whenever your data on the local server is changed~

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This will not work unless your local machine can be accessed from the internet, either by a static IP address or a dynamic dns! –  Mosab Ahmad Apr 2 '13 at 19:52
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