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I'm building a web and mobile phone application and they should both have access to a picture storage. Picture storage would store user's pictures.

My idea is to have a service with few methods

  • string GetUri(...) - retrieves the string, uri of the picture
  • byte[] GetImage - retrieves the image byte stream and should be accessible through a browser!

So for example, an use case would be:

  • Web application calls GetUri method and retrieves a string
  • Uri placed in <img src="uri"> tag makes a http request (calls GetImage method) and returns a byte stream (an image)

I'm thinking of writing a WCF service but I've got two problems:

  • With a REST service, I cannot return a byte stream
  • With a SOAP service, I cannot access a method through a browser (uri)

Please help me with some ideas :)

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Hope you have looked at this dotnetspark.com/kb/1795-get-image-using-wcf-rest-service.aspx –  Chandermani Aug 21 '11 at 16:45
Thanks a lot :) –  Nebojsa Veron Aug 22 '11 at 9:52

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