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Is there very better one line crossbrowser solution to change children text colour via css?
Need to make all text red on hover div


<div><span class="gray">I'm a lion!</span><span>Arrrrr!!!</span></div>


div {color:black};
.gray {color:gray;}
div:hover {color:red;}

I thought only this

div:hover, div:hover .gray {color:red;}
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your own...

div:hover, div:hover .gray {color:red;} as good a solution as any, really. If you want to match other classes/elements as well you can use a star;

div:hover, div:hover * { color:red; }

demo at

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yes, it's good way, xec, but simliest? /my vote – Shara Aug 21 '11 at 16:00
That is pretty simple. Yes I would say that's the simplest solution. It is not possible to match both an element and its children in the same selection (e.g. div:hover && *) so div:hover, div:hover * is both semantic and simple. Give the man the accept! – Robin Winslow Aug 21 '11 at 21:19

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