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I found a tutorial that is very close to what I am looking to do:

The only change is that I am building my checkboxes within my backing bean instead of in my .xhtml file, but the 'value' attributes are not being set correctly.

snippet from my .xhtml file:

<h:panelGrid binding="#{myBean.myGrid}"></h:panelGrid>
<h:commandButton id="submit" type="submit">

snippet from myBean:

public HtmlPanelGrid getMyGrid()
  resultGrid = new HtmlPanelGrid();
  List children = resultGrid.getChildren();

  FacesContext myFacesInstance = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
  Application myApp = myFacesInstance.getApplication();
  ExpressionFactory expFactory = myApp.getExpressionFactory();

  SelectItem tempSelectItem;
  String valuStringExpression;
  ValueExpression valExpression;

  //create panel for the checkboxes
  HtmlSelectManyCheckbox checkboxPanel = new HtmlSelectManyCheckbox();

   List<SelectItem> checkChoiceList = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();

   for (int i=0;i<numChoices;i++)
    valStringExpression = "#{myBean.responseValue["+i+"]}";
valExpression = expFactory.createValueExpression(myFacesInstance.getELContext(), valStringExpression, String.class);        
    tempSelectItem = new SelectItem(valExpression,choiceLabels.get(i));

  UISelectItems checkboxList = new UISelectItems();


return resultGrid;

The problem is that each checkbox's value attribute is not properly mapping to my "#{myBean.responseValue["+i+"]}" properly.

If I pull up 'View Source" from the web page, the checkbox tag's value shows up as:


I have been googling for hours upon hours and I am stumped. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!!

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The 1st argument of the SelectItem constructor expects the actual select item value, not some value expression. Fix it accordingly:

Object value = valExpression.getValue(elContext);
tempSelectItem = new SelectItem(value, choiceLabels.get(i));
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