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now that i've decided to use Nginx as my favourite webserver to deploy Django, i got some "mist":

  1. i'm on Windows, that said, i got errors when i try to use Django as FastCGI, it seems that Flup dont load! it give me errors! and from the website, flup is not a good friend of Windows: check out here
  2. all tutorials that i've found says that ngnix is good when it's used as reverse proxy, i already asked this question, and this is why it seems that now i can use 100% ngnix.
  3. i'll make my project on this, and i want to use something different than what is used in my university, they always use LAMP and i hate LAMP! i want something new! and something new and hot is Ngnix + Django ON WINDOWS!

so here is my question: does really ngnix work on windows, alone, only ngnix to deploy a django project! i want please something for a total beginner coming from earth and speaking human language ^_^

  • NB: please dont talk about IIS, i'll use a normal Windows XP pro to make my engineering project.
  • NB2: what about this nginx bug , has been fixed?
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Nginx + Django on Windows is NOT new and hot. If anything I would say it is old and asking for trouble. Why do you hate LAMP? Instead of trying to shoe-horn Django and Nginx onto an old XP box, why not fire up a VM on that XP box running Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS. –  Daniel Eriksson Jan 3 '13 at 17:54

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