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I need to add two TextViews horizontally in my layout as follows, to display data from database and populate.

TextView1_content, TextView2_content.

If the content is too long(TextView1+TextView2) to fit to the layout width, it can go to the next line, but like this.

enter image description here

Load first string and if not enough to type the rest, then go to next line.
I tried android:layout_weight="1" but it separately print both TextViews in second line, it just divide the screen in half for each text view.

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Use only one TextView and just populate it with TextView1_content + TextView2_content, something like

TextView.setText(TextView1_content + TextView2_content)

Edit: For different formatting the two values, you can use something like:

String content="<big><b>" + TextView1_content + "</b></big>, " + TextView2_content;

You can find more HTML tags supported in Android 2.1 in this article: HTML Tags Supported By TextView.

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Hi Adinia, the problem is the textview1 content is going to display in bold and with a bit bigger font than the textview2. Textview2 content not going to be bold. Example: John Levis and Brothers private Limited, United Kingdom. – JibW Aug 21 '11 at 18:08
Edited my post with a solution for that, too. – Adinia Aug 22 '11 at 13:30

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