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I have a dll file that I am trying to open with notepad. When I try, notepad says "Access is denied". I have the proper administrator permissions in the security section. Another unexplainable characteristic is that when I right-click on the file to go into properties it opens the properties window in 5-10 seconds, not immediately like other files.

I thought it was a permissions issue, so I removed and added Administrator from the security list. That didn't work. I then thought maybe notepad is not opening it with administrator permissions, so I went into cmd in admin mode (start menu-> run-> cmd; to execute CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER) and tried opening the file notepad C:\filename.dll. Once again I was denied access. Then I tried removing all permissions, adding them back in again, and moving to a different folder. Still no success.

So basically the file is uneditable and unreadable. If anyone could help make it otherwise, I would be very grateful.

Best Regards, Ali

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Why are you trying to open a DLL in Notepad? –  SLaks Aug 21 '11 at 18:13

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Check the lock status of the dll using a tool such as Unlocker. Maybe the dll is opened by another process in an exclusive way.

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I found a really good software because of you hsalimi. Thanks. However, I tried Unlocker, and found no locks on the file. –  Ali Naqvi Aug 21 '11 at 19:02
  1. Be sure to start notepad with the administrator privileges enabled:

    • Find notepad on the start menu
    • Right click and choose "run as administrator".
  2. The dll file might be locked for opening by another processes. You can check with sysinternals process monitor what process keeps the file open.

Opening a dll file in notepad generally doesn't make much sense. You can probably read any strings embedded in the file, but if try to modify those strings you will most likely corrupt the dll file totally. You'd better use a real binary file editor with hex display. Also always keep a backup of the file before you edit it.

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Thanks for the suggestions Anders_Abel, though these two options did not work. I used notepad as an example, because I was trying to open it with hex display, but couldn't. So I tried notepad. Either way any program I use to open it it is not allowing me to open it even though I am admin. –  Ali Naqvi Aug 21 '11 at 19:00

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