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I have been working to update the contents of a particular list item via another pane.

I am able to successfully change the contents of the list item. The change is apparent when doing a console.log(), however, I cannot get the list item to update its' contents in the UI of the app.

var LI = dijit.byId("widgetID");
LI.params.tagToChange = "a new value";
console.log(LI) // can confirm that the item has indeed been changed

However, in the UI, the list item has not been updated. I cannot seem to find a refresh or re-render function that works. Calling buildRendering() throws an error. Does anyone know of a way to force refresh a list item or of some way to dynamically update the contents of a list item and have the UI update to reflect the change?

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Try using widget.set('attr', value) instead of setting properties directly

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