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bool Payment::checkUniqueIdentifier(const QString &invoice)
  qDebug() << "entering Payment: check if the invoice has an associated unique identifier or not for the invoice=" + invoice;
  QSqlQuery query(m_storageUserManager->database());
  query.prepare("SELECT invoice FROM " + m_invoiceInfoTable + "WHERE invoice=:invoice");
  query.bindValue(": invoice", invoice);
  bool tmp;
  tmp = query.isValid();
  return tmp;

Hi this boolean variable is always returned as false, Can you tell me what could be the possible problem I was using this function as follows

    qDebug() << "It has a unique Identifier";
    qDebug() << "It dont have a unique Identifier";

Thank you Regards, Puneet

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There's no space before the where in the query. The table name and where have been concatenated and it reads

SELECT invoice FROM m_invoiceInfoTableWHERE invoice=:invoice
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Thanks a lot :) It was a silly mistake and thanks for such quick reply :) –  Puneet Aug 21 '11 at 19:54
It's always hardest to debug your own code! –  Ben Aug 21 '11 at 19:55

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