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I'm looking for all materials, books that will allow me to build simplest voxel rendering engine oparating on sparse voxel octrees. I will probabbly be using python or more likely javascript so lots of things have to be written from scratch as webGL/openGL doesn't support voxels. Thanks in advance.

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this is one I referred to before when I had an interest in voxels:

You'll have to convert the source yourself, but at should at least introduce you to the basic concepts.

For a specific reference on SVO, there was a whitepaper released by NVidia, but it's a bit heavy on the math:

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I've seen the flipcode site. But I don't want to cheat using height maps :) – mathieu Aug 21 '11 at 21:03
Yup, well the heightmap is just a mapping system, I thought if you're looking for the simplest method, it'd be best to start at the beginning. If you abstract your Mapping method, you could start with a heightmap and then add an SVO method when your ready. – Russ Clarke Aug 21 '11 at 21:08

Space-filling-curves: z-curve, hilbert curve, moore curve, quadkey, spatial index.

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Check this blogpost for an octree traversal algorithm:

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