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So I have a Crosshair on the Stage and I have an Enemy with nested child limbs, when the below function is called I want to create a hit mark and attach it as a child to the Enemies Limb but how do I translate the X/Y position of the Crosshair to the Enemies Limb bearing in mind the Limb may also be rotated? Any help appreciated.

function _hit (e):void
    if (theEnemy.limb1.hitTestObject(crosshair)) {
        var theHit:HitMark = new HitMark();
        theHit.x = ?;
        theHit.y = ?;       
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Mouse coordinates inside display objects will be rotated and translated for you, assuming your crosshair follows the mouse you can do this:

var theHit:HitMark = new HitMark();
theHit.x = theEnemy.limb1.mouseX;
theHit.y = theEnemy.limb1.mouseY;

If not, you'll have to use globalToLocal()

var theHit:HitMark = new HitMark();
var globalHitPoint:Point = new Point(crosshair.x, crosshair.y);
var localHitPoint:Point = theEnemy.limb1.globalToLocal(globalHitPoint);
theHit.x = localHitPoint.x;
theHit.y = localHitPoint.y;
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Hi will give the globalToLocal a go thanks for the info, the Crosshair is moved by a controller so it does not follow mouseX. –  woodscreative Aug 22 '11 at 11:53
Hell yeh that's what I'm talking about nice work grapefrukt! –  woodscreative Aug 22 '11 at 22:46
Seem this runs into problems if I use scaleX. For instance if all the Enemies are contained within View and I do View.scaleX = 0.75 the hit marks are not appearing where they should be. mmm. –  woodscreative Aug 27 '11 at 11:19

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