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I am using HtmlPurifer to sanitize html input.

Here is my HtmlPurifer config:

        $config = HTMLPurifier_Config::createDefault();
        $config->set('Core.Encoding', 'UTF-8'); 
        $config->set('HTML.Doctype', 'XHTML 1.0 Transitional'); 
        $config->set('HTML.AllowedAttributes', "*.style,a.href,,img.src,img.height,img.width");
        $config->set('HTML.ForbiddenAttributes', "*@class,div@*");
        $config->set('Attr.AllowedFrameTargets', array('_blank'));
        $config->set('CSS.AllowedProperties', array('text-decoration', 'font-weight', 'font-style'));
        $config->set('AutoFormat.RemoveSpansWithoutAttributes', true);
        $config->set('AutoFormat.RemoveEmpty', true);
        $purifier = new HTMLPurifier($config);
        $sanitized = $purifier->purify($data);

Works like a charm.


I am wondering if it is possible to configure HtmlPurifer such that it will strip any element that does not have an attribute with a SPECIFIC value.

For example, I might want to remove

<p class="badParagraph" />

but not

<p class="goodParagraph" /> 

Does anyone know if this is possible and, if so, how to go about it?


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As was mentioned in the corresponding HTML Purifier thread, there is not presently an easy way of doing this. Injectors are a fairly general mechanism by which you could implement this; in which case look at RemoveEmpty for some inspiration.

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