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I am trying to generate a Pex unit test on an example program. I created a webpage with Default.aspx. Now I opened the default.aspx.cs file and added the below given code to the code behind:

public int Add(int n1,int n2)
return n1+n2;
public int Subtract(int n1,int n2)
return n1-n2;

Now I right clicked inside the default.aspx.cs file, clicked "Run Pex". In the Pex exploration results I am getting a message "Path bounds exceeded".

I don't understand – what does this mean and what should I do to get my unit test to pass?

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You need to create a Test project first, then mark the methods with [PexMethod] etc. Please follow this guide from Microsoft on testing ASP.NET with Pex and Moles.

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I like to learn - any reason for the downvote ? –  Yahia Feb 27 '12 at 9:56

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