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i have a link

<a id="cartLink" href="" >Test</a>

when you click on this link it loads up a popup dialog (it doesn't change to a new window location, etc)

i now want to generate that url on the fly so i thought i would use jquery and something like this:

 $('#cartLink').live('click', function () {
     var count = $("#abc").text();

     var url = "" + count;



so as you can see i can't use, etc. what is the best way to replicate the same behavior as if i would have clicked on the link with the href set.

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Since your selected has selected any element with id #cartLink, you'll be able to refer to it as $(this) from within your function.

After the var url = ... ; write the following:

$(this).attr('href', url);

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Something like this

 $('#cartLink').live('click', function (e) {
     e.preventDefault();//This will prevent the default behavior of the anchor.
     var count = $("#abc").text();
     var url = "" + count;
     window.location.href = url;//It will redirect to "url" in the current window.
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