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I'm allowing a swipe on a tableView row to bring up the Delete button when in 'normal', i.e. not 'editing' mode. But in some situations, e.g. when the user presses a button in the UIToolbar, I want to restore the normal state, i.e. remove the delete confirmation.

showingDeleteConfirmation is a readonly property, so there's not a setShowingDeleteConfirmation: NO option. I'm having no luck with a workaround suggested in this SO question. The delete confirmation state is stable over a reloadData call.

Does anyone know how to force the cell out of the state where it is showing the Delete confirmation?

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Have you tried using:

[myTableView setEditing:FALSE animated:TRUE];
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This works. Thank you. –  Obliquely Aug 22 '11 at 8:13
Its not work in my case. Im try to override state on prepare for reuse method. Because, after deleting cell from table its still returns showingDeleteConfirmation=YES when im reusing it. –  Valery Pavlov Mar 27 '13 at 10:01
Interesting - this works, but only if you call the version of setEditing: with animated:. –  Ben Gotow Mar 7 at 8:30
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If you write:

[myTableView setEditing:FALSE animated:FALSE];
[myTableView setEditing:TRUE animated:FALSE];

then the delete confirmation button disappears and the delete control on the left goes back to its initial state and the table stays in edit mode.

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This helps fix a bug in SWTableViewCell where, when in edit mode you cannot press on the cell that has showingDeleteConfirmation == YES. I listen to tableView:didSelectRow...: and do this, it surprisingly animates the cell back to it's original position. –  Brad Goss May 2 at 22:32
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