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I have a stories text field and want to show the first few lines – say the first 50 words of that field – in a snapshot page. How can I do that in Ruby (on Rails)?

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Mostly the same as Aaron Hinni's answer, but will try and keep 3 full sentences (then truncate to 50 words, if it's the sentences were too long)

def truncate(text, max_sentences = 3, max_words = 50)
  # Take first 3 setences (blah. blah. blah)
  three_sentences = text.split('. ').slice(0, max_sentences).join('. ')
  # Take first 50 words of the above
  shortened = three_sentences.split(' ').slice(0, max_words).join(' ')
  return shortened # bah, explicit return is evil

Also, if this text has any HTML, my answer on "Truncate Markdown?" might be of use

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I give +1 for this, good idea ;-) –  Aaron Hinni Apr 3 '09 at 17:42
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Assuming your words are delimited by a space, you can do something like this.

stories.split(' ').slice(0,50).join(' ')
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In use something very similar in a Rails application to extend ("monkey patch") the base String class.

I created lib/core_extensions.rb which contains:

class String
  def to_blurb(word_count = 30)
    self.split(" ").slice(0, word_count).join(" ")

I then created config/initializers/load_extensions.rb which contains:

require 'core_extensions'

Now I have the to_blurb() method on all my String objects in the Rails application.

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