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I have a singleton class that stores three NSMutableArrays. Each array stores about 4 - 5 items of a custom object I called Program. How can I store those beyond the current application instance?

Should I go with Core Data? I think this is too simple for Core Data. I am already using Core Data for more complex storage in my app. Is there something like NSUserDefaults where I will be able to store those arrays with custom objects and retrieve them easily?


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NSUserDefaults can't store arbitrary objects, but only instances of NSData, NSString, NSNumber, NSDate, NSArray, or NSDictionary. You can, however, convert your object into one of those - e.g. by using NSKeyedArchiver:

+ (NSData *)archivedDataWithRootObject:(id)rootObject 

(just implement the two NSCoding protocol methods in your Program class).

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