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Similar to this question, except .NET alternatives instead.

Excerpt rom http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/:

About Pipes

Pipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.

Like Unix pipes, simple commands can be combined together to create output that meets your needs:

  • combine many feeds into one, then sort, filter and translate it.
  • geocode your favorite feeds and browse the items on an interactive map.
  • power widgets/badges on your web site.
  • grab the output of any Pipes as RSS, JSON, KML, and other formats.

Any suggestions?

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The answer to the question you linked to, links to a python script generator. You might be able to get that script to run under IronPython. From there you might be able to use it from another .net language. – Nithin Philips Aug 24 '11 at 1:44
FWIW, PowerShell also uses a functional programming style of "pipes" between items. Moreover, it fully uses and is extensible with .NET... so you might find that pulling an RSS feed with a .NET class is easy, but then sorting and filtering and such are a breeze in PowerShell. – ewall Aug 26 '11 at 13:44
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Microsoft used to have Popfly but it was closed a couple of years ago.

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