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I have this mySQL database where because of a column Sintomi i'm left wondering what query will work. This is the code of my Database:

         CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `malattia` (
      `nome` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
      `eta` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
      `descrizione` text NOT NULL,
      `sesso` enum('Maschio','Femmina') NOT NULL,
      `etnia` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
      `sintomi` varchar(25) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`nome`,`etnia`,`sintomi`),
      KEY `sesso` (`sesso`),
      KEY `nome` (`nome`),
      KEY `etnia` (`etnia`),
      KEY `sintomi` (`sintomi`)

       ALTER TABLE `malattia`
      ADD CONSTRAINT `malattia_ibfk_3` FOREIGN KEY (`sintomi`) REFERENCES `sintomi` (`sintomi`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE,
      ADD CONSTRAINT `malattia_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`etnia`) REFERENCES `etnia` (`etnia`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE;

So basically malattia(nome, eta, sesso, etnia, sintomi)

where the highlighed columns forms the primary key. where etnia and sintomi are FKs to two tables since they hold muliple values.

Now the interface of my webservice has this structure, through which a user will introduce some data on which a query is supposed to be run on the DB:

       Eta="single value Integer"
       Etnia="single value String"
       Sesso="Single Value radio button"
       Sintomi="a list of checkboxes for example: Fever, Headache, Vomiting etc"

So the query is supposed to give me using the above data, a list of the names from malattia table using nome column.

The question is what query could help me achieve this?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Ok the answer wasn't that complicated as imagined initially, here is the simple query which can do the job:

SELECT distinct  nome
FROM `malattia`
WHERE eta <= 'age'
AND etnia = 'ethnicity'
AND sesso = 'sex'
AND sintomi IN ('group of symptoms')

Had to post the answer here, since i'm new here i had to wait 6 hours before self-answering

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What's the question? – Phil Aug 21 '11 at 23:53
The question is how would be the best to formulate the query? – rosa Aug 22 '11 at 0:09
FYI - OP has answered his own question – Bohemian Aug 22 '11 at 1:36

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