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How can I get a hardcopy print of the results shown in datagridview?

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You will have to use the DrawToBitmap function to save a snapshot of the DataGridView to a bitmap and then print that bitmap.


You will have to write a function that ouputs the DataSource (DataTable, DataSet, etc..) to a text file or directly to a printer. Here are some examples:

Printing a DataTable to textbox/textfile in .NET

print gridviews, datagrids, or datatables

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Since the DataGridVeiw is a reflection of a DataSet you can use DataSet.WriteXml(XmlFileName.xml) With this you can export the entire dataSet with all the tables in a XML File. YOu can then print this file !

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I have put a print button on the form below datagridview control and I want that when that button is clicked it should prompt a print dialog and then print the results shown in the datagridview control –  Taha Khan Aug 22 '11 at 18:49

Printing in Dot net can be either really easy by using the Crystal Report Document, or tedious through the print document. For a simple table, use Crystal. You can pass a data adapter directly to it.

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It's really easy to output as csv and then print it from Excel.

export Datagrid to excel asp

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