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I'm using various HTML5/JS frameworks like jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch and jQTouch. Is there some kind of framework that could make it simpler to use the webSQL stuff?

I'm planning to deploy to WebKit-based platforms so it should work the same everywhere. I'm just looking for something that will give me a kick start.

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There is really none. Thanks to W3C for dropping WebSQL before anyone implemented indexedDB. I had to do my own SQL-proxyclasses for Sencha Touch, which I might share later on. The code is ugly, but works pretty good with associations and so on.

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Would you mind sharing some code so I can do the same? Looking to learn here as this is required for my little project and I can't use localstorage :) Thanks! –  Vallieres Aug 25 '11 at 1:21
Okay, here it is. You will need to change it a bit, I'm sure. It's not yet made modular. You should be fine editing models and openDatabase-function. And yep, no comments :D. I'll add some example to read me. Good luck, have fun! I hope someone had time to play with this and correct it out.. –  tv_ Aug 25 '11 at 8:39

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