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I have function where I read from a mysql table a set of value. Part of my codes is like this. The problem why I need to use fully php here is this a ajax called page.

echo "<tr id='gridRow'>
 <td >$count</td>
 <td> <input type='checkbox' onClick=selectAndUpdate('$row1[size]')></td>
 <td> {$row1[SerialNo]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[InHouseBranding]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[BrandCode]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[size]}</td> 
 <td> {$row1[Pattern]}</td>  
 <td> {$row1[EntryStatus]}</td>   

A sample row generated is as below can you notice this line why the same value appear properly in the 21060R 22.567 but in the previous line is showing me like this 22.567')="" onclick="selectAndUpdate('21060R"> any idea?

<tr id="gridRow">
<input type="checkbox" 22.567')="" onclick="selectAndUpdate('21060R">
<td> EA12</td>
<td> BOR1</td>
<td> GY</td>
<td> 21060R 22.567</td>
<td> HMG 2020</td>
<td> New</td>
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The generated code seems unrelated to the code the echo produces, notice int the echo it is written type='checkbox' while in the output its type="checkbox" (notice the quotes). make sure that you suspect the right echo to be wrong.

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You need to quote your js and escape those quotes.

<td> <input type='checkbox' onClick=\"selectAndUpdate('$row1[size]')\"></td>

IF your writing complex html like this its better to use a string manipulation function like sprintf or strtr:

$html = '<tr id="gridRow">
 <td >%s</td>
 <td> <input type="checkbox" onClick="selectAndUpdate(\'%s\')"></td>

echo sprintf($html, 

but thats only when youre in the context of a function or a class. If youre in the context of a template directly outputting html then its better to switch back and forth:

<tr id="gridRow">
 <td><?php echo $count ?></td>
 <td> <input type="checkbox" onClick="selectAndUpdate('<?php echo $row1['size'] ?>')"></td>
 <td><?php echo $row1['SerialNo']</td> 
 <td><?php echo $row1['InHouseBranding'] ?></td> 
 <td><?php echo $row1['BrandCode'] ?></td> 
 <td><?php echo $row1['size'] ?></td> 
 <td> <?php echo $row1['Pattern'] ?></td>  
 <td><?php echo $row1['EntryStatus'] ?></td>   
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Thank you that works fine now. –  newbie14 Sep 4 '11 at 17:39

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