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I am coming from MySQL where you can have a huge INSERT and add (or ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE) a bunch of rows in a single query rather than having a loop with separate queries for each row. It does not seem like there is an option like that in MongoDB. Is that correct?

I realize that is not exactly compatible with MongoDB object-based approach. It just seems somewhat inefficient to send thousands of commands when one will do, especially if the DB is on a separate server.

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Bulk inserts will be available in a future version, currently planned for v2.1, see:

Most of the language drivers already implement their own bulk/batch insert too.

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Yes, the low-level interface supports things like this:

db.nonsense.update({a: 'a'}, {$set: {b: 'X'}}, false, true);

And that's like this SQL:

update nonsense
set b = 'X'
where a = 'a'

You'll want to last parameter (multi) to be true or you won't update all the matching entries.

This might be of use:


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Yes. In java, this is what it looks like.

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